Can you park in a hangar?

With 3D buildings, are you allowed to taxi through the hangar door to park in a hangar?

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as IFATC i personally don’t mind pilots parking in hangars (not that it happens often)

the realism is up to you, and since hangars doors don’t open (yet?) if you wanna park inside anyways knowing that’s not quite legit that’s fine by me

other controllers may not allow it though, so just do so at your own risk


If the plane can fit in the hangar and the door is opened, go for it!


I’ve already done it! hahaha

What do you mean “the door is opened?”

Does it actually look like you’re inside the hangar, or do the hangar walls become invisible like what happens when you accidentally move the free camera through a terminal building?

I guess I have yet to find a hangar with open doors haha

The walls become invisible

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As far as I know, there’s a taxiway in a hangar at MMMX, and you can actually spawn inside of it, it’s at a side of Terminal 2

Kind of defeats the purpose in a way then. That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Maybe a future update will improve the behavior of hangars, but not a huge priority at the moment I assume

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