Can You No Longer Fly a GPS Approach?

Hello guys,

As I am sure many of you are I have been really enjoying the new update. However, one thing I can not wrap my mind around just yet is the new UI. I have looked through the different tutorials and have maybe missed it but is there a way to get the glideslope and localizer for a GPS approach as I can not set it as NAV 1 or NAV2. Thanks for your help!

I believe GPS approaches are nonprecision in real life and a glideslope is not provided.

Edit: But apparently some do have vertical guidance?

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Oh is that so? Alright I guess. I suppose I have gotten too used to the way it was before. So there is no way to tell if you are at the right height except for maybe the PAPI lights?

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Okay, thanks for the link to the post. That answered my question. I guess I will have to get used to it. I appreciate the help @EyesSkyward and @DeerCrusher!

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