Can you make a third party virtual airline?

If you mean using IFC to host Xplane 11/FSX VAs, no.

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Of course! 😄

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What do you mean by this? Could you give an example?

No, still using IF, but a different organization to do events and stuff on IF, without being part of IF or IFC.

That would be a normal VA.

Edit: Nah im still confused

Yeah, you could start a VA? You would still have to get it approved by IFVARB to be on the IFC

I don’t know of any currently. Let’s say you had an organization OUTSIDE of IF and you wanted to do a community flyby next to the Golden gate bridge. Could you do that?

This is really confusing. You want to do event on IF without being part of IF?

Why? Doesn’t it have to be approved and you have to have certain thing to start one?

Sure. But you either have to get it approved or not be on the community/advertise on the community at all which is hard.

Yeah. Thats what I just said.

@IFVARB Help us please understand what is happening

Ahh! So if I want to use IFC as a platform to advertise/market, I would need to go through certain things. Right?

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Yes. I don’t know how you wouldn’t go through the IFC to be honest.

Well, just thinking. Thanks guys! Sorry it was so confusing!

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Does that make sense to you?/Is that enough of a solution?

Right now, you can only advertise events or group flights you’ve set up, apps you have created for infinite flight and a VA/VO you have created.

You wouldn’t be able to host an event and then advertise , for example, a minecraft discord server using that event.

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But there are requirements for that correct?

Yes. You can find info here.