Can you leave infinite flight mid-flight?

So I was wondering if I could leave infinite flight during a long haul flight maybe watch a YouTube video and come back is this possible or will the game crash?

The game usually doesn’t crash, but your flight won’t keep running. It’ll appear to other players that you have disconnected (until you get back). When you return, the flight should be where you left off.
However, this is not recommended by FDS. It is known to occasionally cause bugs when you return to the app. For instance, your connection might stop working, there might be problems with contacting ATC (appearing as “Unknown” to the controller), etc.


Wouldn’t do that, there’s a chance you can’t reconnect when you enter the game again.


Ok thanks for responding

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It all depends on your available RAM

If you have a Samsung S10+ you could leave, maybe play PUBG or fortnight, watch a YouTube video and come back at your flight.
But if you have a Samsung TAB S2, those GB of ram are precious :)

Are you running iOS or Android?

What about IPad 2017

I am running IOS

On iPads, it’s almost guaranteed that your flight will still be there, even if you leave to play a game or watch YouTube. Just don’t reset Infinite Flight (double-tap home button, swipe up on IF), and it’ll work.
But again, I don’t recommend you try this unless you’re for some reason forced to do this. Mainly because of the bugs that can occur.

Ok I probably won’t then

That S10 with 12gb of ram😂


Multi-tasking with Infinite Flight is not supported. Once the app is minimized the progress stops. Some devices may have multi-window which is different and may work. But your experience may vary.


That’s not how it works.

I wouldn’t do it at all, I did it for about 1 Minute and it said disconnected and it wouldn’t connect again

Lol if ur gonna for too long it restarts the app

My galaxy s9 can come back and resume the flight if I decide to leave to do something else

I made video how slide over multitasking works on IPad, it’s not same as split view you can’t resize windows

Learn more about gesture here.

If you leave the infinite flight app mid flight for a small time ( maybe 30 seconds) you might be lucky and it will stay connected. However, if you leave the app for more than that it will most likely disconnect from the server.

As Chris said it’s not supported. It’s highly unpredictable, sometimes you can leave momentarily and all is fine, sometimes the app restarts. Sometimes you can leave for a while and the server connection will reconnect and other times it won’t. That’s just the basic issues you will face, doing this is linked to other bugs such as the Unknown bug which makes you unable to communicate with ATC. Moral of the story, don’t do it unless you need to and be quick.

Instead of saying useless stuff you should explain how it works sir.