Can you help me?

Can you help me?
I am registering for a VA but do not know what it is to be qualified in an IFATC?

VA’s and IFATC are two different things. If you register for a VA, then you’ll join that VA and fly with them. If you’re trying to join IFATC-you’ll have ATC theoretical testing etc. But again, it’s two totally separate things.

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Existe essa pergunta aqui no cadastro então não sou. correto?
IFATC é controlador?

VA~ Virtual Airlines
IFATC~ Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control
Do you mean what are the qualifications to apply for a VA? Or create one? Please explain more.

No habla espanol/Portuguese

This is your multiple post on the same topic.

If you are asking what are the requirements to JOIN a VA, each VA has their own requirements. You need to check with each VA you are applying to for their own rules. Some want grade 3, some want grade 2, some want certain XP/Landing/ETC. You just need to PM a member of their staff to find out or look at their websites for requirements.

If you want to know the requirements to START and RUN a VA you need to check the IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [Updated 20190220] for details.

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The question is “are you qualified by IFATC?”
IFATC is to be right controller?
If that’s thanks guys.

You are not part of IFATC, so the answer is no :)

The question is of the register just did not know to answer
very thanks is it.

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Thank you all for being quick to help me.

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Your basically qualified once your at Grade 3… Which means your able to join the expert server which is controlled by official IFATC… Sorry I don’t really understand your question with VA and IFATC.

I’m grade 5
I was confused again.
IFATC is to be a controller or simply have access to the Expert?

IFATC is to be a controller on the Expert Server.

perfect I now understanding
thank for all

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