Can you help me to understand ATC?


I would like to know :

  1. What is Radar Vectors? And when to request them?
  2. What to answer when the controller say “Say Intentions”?
  3. When to ask to climb/descent? (I know, some will tell me “When you want to descend!” but sometimes the controller say "Only request descend/climb when I forgot).

Thank’s in advance,
Captain M.

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Wow, you have much to learn…

Well… that’s not really cool for me to read that… I am a beginner, (And I think you guest it ;-)).

And that exactly what I want to do : learn. I am just asking for help, if someone can give me and answer or links to tutorials or something like that, it would be nice :-).


Unless someone corrects me, and please do if I’m wrong, but I believe the answers to your questions are as follows.

  1. radar vectors are requested to ATC when heading to a specific airport and the respective ATC will advise heading, speed and altitude.
  2. say intentions, i just announce which airport and runway I’m landing on.
  3. usually ATC will advise, if not, I just do what I think is right.

Please note, I’m still a novice at this and am still learning so hopefully someone else might be able to put me straight or elaborate.

I hope this is of some help.



When you approach airport tune in to approach frequency and ask for “VECTOR” direction to Active runway or specific runway, he’ll give instructions for direction-attitude-speed to intercept localiser. Once you are there tune in to Tower:
Let him know “you are on final to land/touch&go”

If there is no approach frequency, Tune into tower tell him you are “INBOUND” to land/touch&go. He’ll direct you to runway

If you are doing pattern work you don’t need to call every leg of the flight but Base and final I always do. Tower knows you doing pattern bcos you diclared it when you took off.

If you don’t do any of this that when Tower ask you to “SAY INTENSION”

Also you Might get “VECTOR” from Central frequency after you filled full flight plan. Thats another thing

I’m not expert not done for long hope I’m not wrong,

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I’m happy to see your question and happier to see positive responses. We are here to help one another. Any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!
Happy landings

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😊😊😊 @CaptainM We all here to learn from each other. This forum is perfect, no one can call them self expert, it depends on what crowd there are surrounded by. Nobody landed from sky with all the knowledge.

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What really bugs me is when someone comes to a topic and acts all “high and mighty” and ridicules the person.

Now that said, there are more better people than worse people on the forums so don’t go away/think we’re all jerks! We’ll be happy to answer your questions (I talk aircraft and regions-I can’t talk about ATC :( ).

Just thought I’d put this out there.

Best, Boeing707


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This is for pilots, but if you read through all of it, ATC will make more sense. This is also what the game refers to when a controller asks you to “check help pages”:


From that website ^^

Do not ask for altitude change permission if you're in Flight Following or Free Flight.
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Thank’s a lot everyone! I really appreciate your help :smiley:

Thank’s again,
Captain M. :airplane:

@Swang007 Thank’s ^^

At least there helping

(@CaptainM) Welcome to the community Captain! There is no such thing as a stupid question here. See the Tutorial tab for tech stuff and read all the “Help” tabs in the IF App. If you apply yourself, learn the lingo and play it real you’ll have it in the bag in no time. Take a look at and download the “Pilots Handbook of Aeronutical Knowledge” it free. It’s the Bible for all true airman.
Good Luck, Max Sends

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@Logan_Whisman Yes I know, that’s way I am saying Thank’s!