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English translation.
Hello everyone and best regards. Here I am again with my annoying questions, doubts, but I would like to know how they are used.
Can someone explain to me what they are for and how these 3 options are used ? Thank you. 👍😉

Translation to Spanish
Hola a todos y un cordial saludo. Aquí estoy otra vez con mis molestas preguntas, dudas, pero me gustaria saber cómo se usan.
¿ Alguien me puede explicar para qué son y cómo se usan estas 3 opciones ? Muchas gracias. 😉👍

If you press the one with the 2 arrows, you can save your current flight plan by pressing share and saving it in files. If you press open flight plan (share and open flight plan will appear when you press on the two arrows) you can file previously saved flight plans. Hope that’s understandable.
The plus sign is used to add a waypoint, VOR, etc to your flight plan.
The D with an arrow through it replaces your flightplan with the waypoint you have pressed on.

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Used to replace your entire FPL with just that one waypoint.

You can select two options when opening this one up. Either you can share your current FPL or upload another FPL that has been saved on that device.

I’m pretty sure this is what the last arrow is pointing at. It is the center that you are in when adding those waypoints. When someone is active on that center you can press the same thing and turn in to the center frequency


Translation to English.
@VH-OEJ_747 Hello and best regards. Yes. All your explanation has been very well understood and has left me without doubts. A good help that I appreciate and thank you very much. Enjoy your flights.👍😉

Translation to Spanish.
@VH-OEJ_747 Hola y un cordial saludo. Sí. Toda tu explicación ha sido muy bién comprendida y me ha dejado sin dudas. Una buena ayuda que te agradezco y muchas gracias. Que disfrutes de tus vuelos. 👍😉

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Translation to English
@Butter575. Best regards. I am also very grateful to you for your very good explanation and I also appreciate the time you have spent helping me. Thank you very much and enjoy your flights 😉👍

Traducción al Ingles.
@Butter575. Saludos cordiales. También te estoy muy agradecido por tu muy buena explicación y también valoro el tiempo que has empleado en ayudarme. Muchas gracias y que disfrutes de tus vuelos 😉👍

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