Can you guess which airport this is?

Was fun. Should do more of these

The first picture I was gonna post had fix names on it haha, had to delete all those because I knew someone would look one up.

Hey! My dad flies there all the time!

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Well you can let him know to expect some changes on both ends come 4/20/23

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Hmm ok I will

RNAV GPS Y 08 from what I can tell

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Airport should be getting CAT D

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Albuquerque Double Eagle 🦅

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Is it Grand Junction?

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I don’t know why, but I’m surprised the procedures are built so far out from being published. What’s the process look like for building these? Why is this airport up for new procedures?

Off-topic, but what the hell happened here?

Anyway, is there a hint?

I removed a number of posts. The thread deviated into 5-7 users guessing pictures of random airports, which isn’t allowed or particularly relevant, since none of the users built the procedures for the airports they showed.

The original poster builds FAA instrument procedures and is sharing some of that with us, which is the topic of the thread.


So procedure amendments have to be scheduled into the production cycle and get a chart cycle assigned to them. There are a few other factors that go into the chart cycle they are assigned, like construction, survey work, equipment upgrades and changes. We want the amendments to publish at the same time the work is complete so it all matches up.

During the development process you also have multiple offices that have deadlines, such as environmental work, design, development, quality assurance, flight check, and charting.

Right now, if an airport wanted a new or amended procedure, it’s taking roughly between 24-36 months.

This airport currently has procedures that do not meet “current” criteria and the airport has asked for CAT D minima as well.

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No, but they are shortening their current runway and will be building a brand new runway. The shortening should be finished next July and the new runway should open sometime in 2028.

Check out the big brain on brad!

Aspen or Palm Springs