Can you guess this airliner and the plane?


Saudia B772(ER) or B77W lol I’m not sure

I like the K

I think it’s a B772(ER)


Saudi Arabian Airways, Boeing 777?

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Saudia A320?

I’m pretty sure that’s a Boeing

Boeing have neat windscreens

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You might of have an answer,but people already answered but not correct. :p

The variant kinda matters… Still not sure if it’s a B772(ER) or a B77W lol

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You got to answer,your close :D !

I’ll go with 772(ER)

Well it’s fun guessing anyway hahaha


First of all
It is Saudia livery
@NatIsrael972 @Huw
But its a B777-200

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I believe it’s a B777-200ER lol there ain’t no Boeing 777-200s in the fleet afaik

Ill sent one more ;).

I believe its only 200 neither ER or LR.

Hmm disputable? I’m not sure but I believe there’s only the ER variant… @Huw @Hamza787Aj @Abdulrhman990 What do you guys think?

Lol you can’t just copy what those people say… Alright settled, it’s a B772(ER)! :)