Can you get notifications on your device from the IFC

I want to know if you can get notifications from the IFC like replies,likes etc on your device?


Go to Setting -> Preferences -> Notifications. You can adjust each setting to your liking from there :) You can also enable live notifications as well.

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You cannot currently, no.

I believe the email that you have linked to IFC will receive these notifications.

Yes, download the Discourse app and connect your account.

Got it. Thanks!

These three posts should sum it up for you. A ton of people don’t know about this.

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This is why the IFC is messed up. The solution is flagged. LMAO

Shouldn’t this be in #meta just like the other linked thread?

It said it’s not supported for the browser

You can only get email notifications for the IFC currently (By just using a browser). If you want just live notifications and not emails, you can use the discourse app as mentioned by @Trio.


Thank you guys for the solution you can close the topic now!