Can you get downgraded

Hey guys I was wondering if you could get degraded from a grade


You sure can. It can happen from a ghosting, or a violation, or inactivity in some cases. To answer your question, yes.


Ok thank you, how do I get my grade back

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It depends… what happened?

I’m sorry to hear that you got downgraded… May you explain what happened?

6 violations and got ghosted

You will have to wait a week to regain access to grade 3 (I’m assuming that was your previous grade).

Previous grade was grade 2

Then you will only need to wait 24 hours. :)

Ok thx you

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Did it work?

You don’t need to tag him. He gets the notification as he made the thread. Tagging him just causes unnecessary notifications, which I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like.


Yes it did work

You can only get ghosted on the Expert Server. Which you can only access with Grade 3 but if you were Grade 2 you couldn’t have been ghosted since you wouldn’t have access to the Expert Server.

You can get ghosted on TS for excessive violations


@Connor4477, System ghostings?

Because system ghostings on happen on ES if I’m correct…

yeah just get android

Yeah system ghosts can happen on both TS and ES

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You can get downgraded for many things:
Landings Per month

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