Can You Get ATC 'ops' points on playground?

Hi guys, I was just wondering how to get ATC ‘ops’ points on the playground. Can you actually do it? How do you?

No, you can’t. Only Advanced ATC Server Controllers get ops.
“OPS” are operations (landing, takeoff clearances etc)

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Yep, what @Rotate said is correct. I’m not sure why they don’t allow the ops to be shown on PG though…


Can @Aernout or @Swang007 can give us a good answer?

I don’t understand why @Rotate’s answer is incorrect?

They might be reworking the system, since spamming “Cleared for takeoff” gets you 1 Op. So spam it with a friend in a dark corner of the region could get you ops.

I believe your ops are counted, but they don’t show until you become an advanced ATC


Is there a reason behind not showing the ops when you’re controlling on PG?

Thank You For your info. You can close this topic.

Thank you, whoever changed the category.

This is true. Or at least it was true in my case.

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I think any kind of clearance, such as takeoff, landing, ILS.

How do you see how many times you have done a ATC session in the play ground thanks

Oh I see it said I have done 0 operations yet I have ATC for like a total of 20hrs how do you start the operation

You can’t see them on the playground, once you get promoted to advanced you will. You get an op every time you clear someone for something, takeoff, taxi, etc…

Then how do you see how many you have done because don’t you need 250 to get to ATC on the advanced server

Tyler has access to the operations that you have completed on the Playground Server.

What’s the reason for hiding these before you’re an advanced controller?