Can you fly with the door open on training or expert?

That has just happened to me 🤦🏻‍♂️ It was such a wonderful flight and I thought I’ll check out the replay and then… the 4L door was opened during the whole flight.

I don’t recommend doing that 😅… It’s just a lack of professionality and it’s embarrassing.

Ryanair really took power conservation to a new level…

😂 A violation for a open door

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I think that’s just a glitch in the replay system unless they fixed it. I noticed all the other replays had the doors open even tho I closed them.

Yes you can but that well make you unprofessional pilot .
But if can I ask why the aircraft have doors ?

Yeah first I thought that too but recently they have fixed a bug similar to this one on the 772. Maybe they have the same problem now on the reworked 77W.

So the passengers can leave the aircraft when it arrives at the gate?


No. We do not give out violations for this.