Can you fly on two different devices?

Just a quick question that I have. Can you fly on your Ipad and your phone at the same time with the same account?

You can fly on the same account on two different devices on two different servers. Important to highlight that you must be on two different servers, otherwise it simply won’t work.

I think you can as long as they’re on different servers, not sure about the ethicality of this but it can be done.

Thanks because I was planning on flying commercial on expert and then goofing around with the new f18 on casual.

Let’s just say that when the annual statistics rolled out last year, not a lot of people were happy that I flew for over a year in the space of one calendar year.

Did receive quite a confused message from Cameron wondering what happened there.

You can definitely do this. I’ve done this quite a lot of times before and I don’t see this changing anytime soon.


I’m less concerned about you flying more than a year in a year and more concerned about YOU FLYING MORE THAN A YEAR IN A YEAR that is essentially every sleeping hour + half the waking ones on both devices.


Yeah, this confused me a lot, I thought it was a bug… but just an overly passionate user :)


I mean, if you want to do a group flight with yourself. You can have 2 devices with 2 subscriptions 😜

With just one subscription it is possible as before answerd you just need to be on different Servers. If you want to be on the same Server you need 2 Accounts and for each account a running subscription.

You got another account- CrazyBee 2 following you all the time? @CrazyBee There’s someone here who confirmed he is using 10 different devices😳😂

No kidding, the fact that my account also got flagged should be enough of a sign.

Thankfully we did have this scenario covered in our conversation.

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