Can you fly on solo and live simultaneously?

I am currently flying on my iPad In the TBM. I was wondering if I could practice approaches in Solo mode on my iPhone without disconnecting my Live flight.

No, you can’t. You must have Infinite Flight open at all times during your flight in order for your Live flight to progress and not get disconnected.

If it is on a separate device will that change it?

You cannot have the same account logged in on multiple devices.

Solo or live, does not matter if it is the same account it will disconnect.


You probably could. Just disconnect the account link on your iPhone. You’ll be relegated to the non-pro version limited to free regions and planes. So you would not be able to practice in the TBM.

It goes off of who you are logged in as (google/facebook).

You are welcome to create a second pilot profile if you want to fly on multiple devices at the same time.

Using your same account on two different devices violates their terms of service.

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People can have two IF accounts? On IFC duplicates are against the guidelines.

In the sim yes you can. IFC is different.


Just to clarify though, you could have the same account logged in on say a phone, and Ipad, but just not fly simultaneously?

Correct. I have three devices all with the same account and can fly on all of them - Just not at the same time.


Great, thanks!

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