Can you fly Joon if you aren't a Millennial?

The question is obviously in the title, I tried a Google search but didn’t find much, so can you fly Joon if you aren’t a mellennial? I know that they can’t technically stop me, but should you? I’m currently booking a flight, so quick responses would be appreciated :)

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I don’t see why they’d discriminate against older people, the airline is just targeted towards that demographic. I don’t think they’d stop you though.

Yeah I understand that they won’t be able to stop me, but are there usually people who aren’t in that bracket who do fly? The only reason I’m even considering it is because of its price being significantly less than Air France’s.

I wouldn’t know as I haven’t flown with any French carrier. I don’t think you’d have any issue. Best of luck :)

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No. Anyone can fly Joon. They whole “airline for a millennial” is a load of BS coming out of an Airline that is financially suffering.


I just watched a review on Joon airlines and many of the passengers seem to be older than an average millenial. I don’t see why not if the prices are cheaper.

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I think you can though it has a millennial theme. Air France uses Joon on their IKA-CDG route thus discriminating against millennial would make them lose business on that route to the likes of LH/OS and EK

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I can imagine they’d be financially suffering with all the bells and whistles they have while still being 1000 dollars cheaper than their parent company 😂

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And to think that even their parent company is losing money…

Anyone can fly Joon, the airline is just targeted toward millennials since they are more likely to travel on a tight budget. You obviously won’t get all the perks and amenities AF has to offer, but their target customers are most likely the same ones who choose to stay at hostels over hotels.


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