Can you fly for multiple virtual airlines?

So I have seen people who are flying for lots of different virtual airlines and I was wondering if I could fly for multiple VAs and get the best out of the experience
Thank you for your information and Happy Landings!


Hello @NathanD!
Yes you can fly for multiple VAs as long as you can be active in all of them so if you want to join multiple ones make sure to join the ones you like!


Ok that’s good I just recently sent in my application for Alaska Virtual and might want to fly for UPS virtual too



Yes indeed you can fly for multiple VA’s. How it works is you fly for a specific VA at a time and we would know that because your callsign will be specific for that airline. For example if you fly for BAVA you have BAVA in your callsign or if you fly for EZY you place that into your callsign

Also what @Ahmad_Hijazi above ^^^


Ok thank you very much I was confused about that and needed an explanation about it once again thank you


One tip though:

  • Know your limits

I am in AAVA, DLVA, and SWV (3 VAs)

I used to be in BAVA but I figured out that I couldn’t handle 4 VAs, so I left BAVA

I am barely hanging on to 3 VAs at the moment.

So, don’t join like 10 VAs unless you know you can be active in all of them


Thanks for the advice I appreciate your words on this topic:)

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I recommend only 1 or at most 2. I am in SWVA and fly for them very often which is fun (because Southwest is great) but also because you can be more active, achieve higher ranks, and do Moreno groupflights, but this is just my 2 cents

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I had the same idea because I fly for multiple airlines and sometimes I hesitate from flying on IF for some reason I don’t know why😕

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