Can you feel, mother’s love tonight?

Can you feel, the mothers love tonightTT oh, this is from the lion king, yea I have terrible singing

Here’s the mother, lining up to catch the air, the prey today: Air

Her son was faster than the mother, and reaches the air first, the baby, will feast good tonight

The mother, and the son, fly off to have a more beautiful life to enjoy Mexico together


Nice pictures
The second one would have even better with a n y o o m sound effect

Very cool the pictures.

Unfortunately, to my demise and extreme disappointment, I cannot feel mother’s love tonight.

But fear not, I’ve been sent on a dangerous quest by sorcerer JoshFly8, to retrieve mother’s love. I only have my tablet, an A12 Bionic chip, and the urge to feel mother’s love tonight.

I shall be back by midnight, wish me luck.

great pics, but pls include the flight details!