Can you explain QNH?

Can you explain QNH?


I like to consider myself knowledgeable within the aviation kingdom, however one thing that has always baffled me, What is QNH? How is it used operationally?

QNH for dummies someone?


It is a pressure setting used by pilots, air traffic control (ATC), and low frequency weather beacons to refer to the barometric setting which, when set on an aircraft’s altimeter, will cause the altimeter to read altitude above mean sea level within a certain defined region.
QNH - Wikipedia › wiki › QNH


Thanks! - I found that on google too.

I am not too knowledgeable of this but I think of it as “calibrating the altimeter”. If someone can correct me, please do.

And it’s in a British accent - perfect for you! 😂

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You have to calibrate the altimeter based on pressure essentially. If you didn’t adjust the altimeter for higher or lower pressure, your reading would be inaccurate. Pressure is provided by METARs and ATC any time the weather is provided ti pilots.

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I didn’t know any of this it is kind of interesting

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