Can You Do It?

Hi everybody!

I had a little questions to ask y’all and I thought it could be pretty fun to make those questions a little ‘game’ if I can call it so.

You may add your questions if you wish to!

I’m going to start the game.

Can you land a plane smoothly without HUD?
  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think that game has the same ‘idea’ as this one.


Actually I feel more confident without the HUD. The 27 of us who think so too are well-suited to fly a real plane.

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Omg how? When I land without HUD my Air Canada flight just suddenly transforms into a Ryanair flight :sob:

Every time I manage to butter with the cockpit on the A350.

I was able to do so too with the 737 and 757 :)

Only the 717 that I can’t ;)

You must deffo be on a tablet. Flying on an iPhone is deffo not the same feeling, without HUD you can’t see anything (when I say anything, I mean the instruments on the live cockpit)

I can’t ever land without hud smoothly in a big plane. Only the small planes like the C172 I can land ok without hud.

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No. Android mobile device.

Omg, how???

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I can land ok but not butter with the 172… Not very good at those piston planes

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Practice and skill. As always, practice makes perfect…

Turboprops like the TBM930 (yes, and even the Q400) works perfectly.

Its so easy to land the newer Aircrafts with Live Cockpit without the HUD i only use it on the non live cockpit Aircrafts because of the Speeds i need to look at.

The only turbo that’s not okay is the C208… Physics are soooo outdated.

I use the info bar below.

Once you’ve flown an aircraft many times, you get a good feel from how much you need to flare, what speed to come in at, etc.

Also lots of solo practice :)

Thats an option but i don’t realy like that.

Even the oldest new aircraft, the A320 family, works well. I can say, even better than the 737.