Can you create a non IFVARB approved VA

just wondering if this is a rule and if you can can I post about it on the IFC

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Any VA on the IFC has to be approved by the IFVARB


So no I can’t

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To create a VA, you need to apply to and be approved by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board (IFVARB). To learn about the IFVARB, read this post:

To begin the process of creating a VA, read this post here:

Good luck and I hope to see your VA on the community some day!


Thank you I have started the process

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So here’s the thing. Technically, you can. However, this would be like a Instagram VA, and you would not be allowed to mention it on the IFC

He’s not asking about that though 😉

If you are in the process you can always recruit key staff here :)

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Thank you for the help. can we close this now please