Can you close your screen while playing?

Hi, I am wondering if I can close my iphone 6 screen while the game is still flying in the background, because if I leave it on for hours, it might be broken very quick! Thank you

No, Infinite flight must remain open and your device must remain on whilst in a flight.

In order to reduce stress on your device, I reccomend you
•Turn down Screen Brightness
•Turn down Graphics Settings
•Turn on Low Power in general settings
•Reduce frame rate in Graphics Settings
•Close all other apps whist in a flight

Hope my tips help, happy flying and warm regards, 305!


But wouldn’t your screen get broken really quick?

An Iphone 6 is a flagship device from Apple, im sure having it on for a few hours wont brake it. But it can recieve stress and heat up a bit causing performace issues, in that case please try my tips in my first post :).

It have been on for 14 hours now, and with 15 more hours to go, so i am a bit worry.

No, you cannot close your screen while in flight, you will not progress.