Can you change your name the appears inside of IF?

Hi! ~ Thanks for reading my post!

My is currently theCube, but I wish to have it changed to a different name, in the IFC and in IF. Is this possible, if so how?

Kind Regards, theCube.

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I would think you’d have to contact a staff member for this, but you can only change it once, so make sure it’s completely necessary!

For in-game, you are however able to change your callsign which you would do by clicking your profile icon on the top right of your screen and then clicking the pre-set callsign, for example ‘EmiratesXXX’

correct me if i’m wrong here :)

Feel free to send a message to @moderators to have your name changed. Be aware that you can only change your name once, so make it a good one!


Hi! ~ Thanks for the response!

Just let me know, will this affect in-game and the IFC?


It will indeed

Yes, will effect both game and IFC

Yes, it will, as long as you have your IFC account connected with your IF.

It would look like this on the top right on the app. When flying, people will be able to identify you.

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Hi! ~ Thanks for responding.

Thats good, I think I’ll change it now!
I have a few usernames in mind that I’d like to change to, but do you have ant suggestions for names that you think would suit well?


I would base it on your interests, something you like - say a location somewhere cough cough… anywho! You would have go deep into your mind and think, in a calm and collected voice: why did i choose ‘theCube’ as my username in the first place, what was my second or third choice of usernames… did i like them? and voila! a username should pop into your head!

Happy Flying :))

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Wait, hol up, how can THEY change it but not US?

They’re staff members, they can do
E V E R Y T H I N G 😮

So if you mean by everything, then they see our password?

Definitely not, storing passwords in plain text is a security nightmare :) Your password is hashed and a representation of it is stored. Despite this, our staff and moderators do not have access to this.

“Everything” we can see is listed in our privacy policy:

Only staff can change usernames because we have not added the ability for users to change it directly.


i probably should’ve clarified…

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