Can you buy the 12 month subscription still?

My Pro has ended recently and when I wanted to buy my sub again only the 1 month one shows up, can you still buy the 12 month sub?

are u using an IOS device?

Yes, you can change it in the App Store.

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Yes! 10(letters)

then go to the app store, click on ur profile and then go to subscriptions, click on infinite flight and see all plans, then select the 1 year one

Ahh ok thanks, will try after I land. Flying Ibiza To Edinburgh on Ryanair MAX 😀

Btw, why the 12 months option is available only in iOS ?

It was removed to streamline the subscription process and because the monthly option was the most popular I believe. The reason it exists on iOS is that iOS has a workaround while Android doesn’t as far as I know


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