Can You Become Regular if You've Had a Suspension/Official Warning?

Hey Everyone 👋

I had a question. Are you able to become regular if you’ve been suspended and/or received an official warning?

Yes I’m sure you are able to!


Yes you can

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Alright, Thanks Guys!


Yes, you are able to.
It is a parameter that is looked at, but it’s not definitive.


An official warning does not prevent you from reaching regular. I don’t believe suspensions do either. Staff will keep an eye on you though - it is not a barrier between it. People change.

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Answer is yes… but it’s not likely. I’ve got enough time to be a regular and once was but something happened and got put on a temp vacation years ago

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Wait, where are the regular requirements?

It’s up to you to figure that out ;)

They are somewhere on the Discouse website, i’ll try find them.

It is undisclosed

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If staff have adapted them so they are not true for this forum.

Isn’t it different for IFC though?

Please stay on topic about the requirements the OP’s question was answered

Not entirely true.
There are several regulars that have prior suspensions.


I also know of the inverse. Regulars getting suspended then going back to member. An example is @AlphaSeven.

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No, he was never a regular.

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Answered and then some. No need to go into any further specifics.