Can you be apart of multiple Virtual Airlines

I was looking at a few profiles and saw people had multiple Virtual Airlines under the VA apart of the profile, I was wondering, does the IFVARB allow this for every VA or is it something the Virtual Airlines Decide on?

You can definitely be a part of multiple VAs! When I started into VAs, at the peak I was in five at once and managed them all. I’ve left some for personal reasons but I’m still in three plus many other VOs :)


Thanks, good to know.

It’s completely your choice! You can choose from multiple Virtual airlines. However, If your a CEO I think their are some restrictions. Read the Threads below for more information.

This might help

This is the database form where you can choose

Of course you can! I would recommend it! It allows you to explore global even more through other va’s! I have gone through at least 7 and have enjoyed all of them

That’s good to know, maybe I’ll join a VA soon knowing I’m not restricted to just one

Mods I got all my info, you can close.

Wow!!! That’s a lot!!!

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I think there are restrictions due to how much work is involved of being a CEO. I’m a CEO of one I have had to leave a lot of va’s so I can focus more on my own

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That would make sense, but I don’t plan on being a CEO anytime soon, so I don’t think that would be an issue.


Yeah. I would join va’s and get to understand the va world before making your own. It also helps you meet new amazing people!

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Defiantly!!! That’s probaby one of my main reasons to join a VA!

Not a problem at all, as your fellow community members stated above. And please refrain from posting in the #live:va category. This category is only for IFVARB VA’s and stuff.

Thank you

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Oh, sorry for that. I’ll try to refrain from that next time

Everyone recommends a VA, but you should go just see if you like it. However I do recommend that you limit yourself to 3 or 4. So you have time to manage VA’s but still have time to enjoy flying and free time.


If I recommend, here are a few of a must join…

FDXVA (super nice and funny) FEDEX
BAVA (very realistic and one of the biggest) BRITISH AIRWAYS
WWVA (mine lol, PM if you want to join) WOW VIRTUAL

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I’ll think about it!!! I do wanna join one soon, just gonna have less time because of school.

All va’s are very flexible on time. They understand we have lives. Most just require to stay active and file at least one flight a month

Oh that’s good to know.

I agree with Connor, I don’t go more than 4 VA’a as I need to be dedicated to all of them.

The VAs listed by @Plane-Train-TV are good ones which I would
recommend joining.

Please note that some VAs require an entry test and stuff like that to prove your knowledge of aviation.

Yea, I don’t wanna be apart of too many, thanks for the recommendations guys!! I’ll defianpty think about joining these ones!

I would think they would test me, and I would like to think I’m pretty knolageable in aviation.