Can you be a pilot and atc at the same time on two devices at the same time

Hi community and staff was wondering if I could atc as well as sit inside aircraft on two devices at the same time at same airport

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No, you cannot, your throttles will be cut (same account)
If it’s two different accounts on 2 different subscriptions that works


What do you mean throttles cut ,on one device I would atc at an airport on say cymx on the other I would pilot an aircraft at the same airport on the same server

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Well is this on 2 different devices under one account? You can’t play IF on both at the same time.

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Ok thanks, no harm in trying just thought it would be fun to actually atc my self and pilot from the two devices. And hear each commands and visuals

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It just wouldn’t work. You wouldnt be able to even start your engines.

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Sounds to me like you tried lol

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I didn’t, I just know lol

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I tried swapping mid flight from my Iphone to my Ipad. It cuts your engines, luckily I was flying across the US. Emergency divert was successful lol

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Yes but i was going to try it two devices but not swapping run both at same time

You must have two diffrent accounts…

So if I use a family member and set up their account then I could get away with it allowing family sharing of app ,so to have all the same features on IF on the second device?

Not sure if i understand. Bassicly you would have to buy 2 difftent subscriptons for IF to be ATC and pilot at the same time…

Have a 6 month subscription on my IF if I family share app with them can they have all the same features on their device and then act as an atc while I pilot my plane on my iPad (if that is illegal than I won’t pursue this any longer)

You would have to buy another 1 month/ 6 months/ 1 year subscription…

I tried once, ended up losing thrust on final, but I was able to land with no flaps due to my speed which was like 240 (I nosedived to get that much speed). At the same time I knew something was gonna go wrong but I speed up before this happened.

No I don’t think I’m going to that length my subscription cost me enough already and I don’t want to risk anything that would jeopardize my current standings with IF I love this game simulator so much

It was my feature request =) with 0 votes…

I’ve asked this last week lol try searching up before making a duplicate maybe but to answer your question, Sadly no it would be a good idea though especially when your bored or in long haul flights

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