Can you AirPlay IF to a Mac?

I’m just wondering this because we have a huge Mac screen and it would be cool.

Yes, but you have to download a 3rd party software like Airserver

Plug your iPad into your Mac using a USB to Lightning cable, then open “QuickTime” (or download it if it is not already on your computer) and then right click the icon in the dock, click on new video recording. In the drop-down list, which you can open by clicking the small arrow next to the record button, choose your iPad’s name and, optionally, choose the mic to be your iPad’s one.


I airplay it to my apple TV all the time


Now is this info for android? Because I have an iPad 4.

That makes no sense? You are asking if the info provided above is for android yet you state you have an iPad?

The info above is for users who have iDevices who want to “AirPlay” them on to their Mac.