Can you add older aircraft

I love this flight sim and out of all the flight sims on App Store this one and xplane are my faviorte but there is some draw backs such as no older aircraft such as the 707,720,727,737-200/300/400/500 and how about adding the Airbus A300 and the A310, not to mention there is no McDonnell Douglas aircraft in any flight sims how about adding the DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-80, MD-90, and the MD-10 and l1011 would also be great and how about some weather and 3-d buildings to make it more realstic but keep up the good work

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Is this a feature request?

This does not follow the guidelines, so it was moved

Yes, but doesn’t follow feature request guidelines.

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I think if you can fl older aircraft you can pretty much fly any aircraft

That’s a bit much for one request

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