Can y'all get rid of a taxing speed warning

So, i was in Expert Servers at EGLL and taking off and this ws during the down servers and i was going 254 knots and my plane wouldn’t pull up my user is Praab05 and call name was Azul-1505

You were taking off… on a taxiway?


Hello @Praab_05!

If you were going 254knts on the runway you wouldn’t have a Taxi speed warning. Also your plane was likely overweighted. This is up to you as a pilot to know how much weight and fuel to have on the plane that would work with that plane or this was a calibration issue.

@appeals may not remove LVL1 Violations so you are stuck with this one sorry.

Good Learning Experience!

Safe Flying,

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I believe this was actually a calibration issue because at that speed there is no weight (in infinite flight) that could keep you on the ground.

He likely spun out and Tokyo drifted off the RW because he exceeded his rotation speed. Causing the ground speed vio.


@Praab_05 can you confirm if you were on the RW or on the Taxiway?

Just as stated above…this could be due to a few things:

  • A calibration issue

  • Your aircraft being too heavy

  • Not enough/too many flaps for takeoff

Might I ask what aircraft were you in? You also might of accidentally enabled Autopilot so you couldn’t pull up

This situation has actually happened to me before, although only during landing. Sometimes after you land you will get a taxi speed warning even when on the centerline

On a very very rare occasion my controls don’t activate when launching a session, meaning I won’t have any control of pitch or roll. I’ve done this a few times on takeoff, but noticed quick enough to either come to a stop on the runway, or exited the app without exiting the runway.

If this has happened a replay may show evidence if it is a game bug, but most likely as a single Level 1 violation not much will he done unless it is 100% proven as app error than than the device or yourself.

Please contact @appeals and they will be more than happy to talk to you about the violation!

I’m sorry, what happened?

So you were taking off on a taxiway. At 254 knots. On the expert server. At EGLL. In an overloaded plane. With a violation. Did I read that right?

Also, violations are in place to keep the expert server as professional as possible, so they aren’t getting rid of that.

On top of that, several inconsistencies.

  1. How the heck did you not get banned from the expert server for taking off on the taxiway?

  2. Taking off on the runway would not result in a taxiing speed violation.

  3. As stated in a previous reply, no weight in IF would result in a plane not lifting off.

Aight guys, all you needed to do was tell him to contact @appeals