Can we Upload .PNG files?

I don’t know but for some reason I can upload .PNG files now did they change it? If you check pic it’s a .PNG file.


That’s good. They must of.

This is good I wonder why they changed it from the other type of file.

Which is .jpg or .jpeg :)

I don’t think .PNG is allowed anymore because PNG is much better quality (due to it having lossless capabilities, which is basically not letting it lose image quality), and all the quality leads to high file sizes, which isn’t really necessary when running a server. .JPEG/JPG files aren’t as good in terms of quality but have a reasonable file size (due to it being lossy, where it loses image quality but lowers file size).

But for some reason the pic was uploaded in .PNG.

Maybe the changed it! I’d so much rather have .PNG than .JPG.

Jpeg. Files are the images standards for the future excellent quality and flexible size

Yes it seems like PNG are made available for upload again :) good news!


Yes, now all we need is Linear PCM, and this forum will really start to come together. :P

Edit: For die-hard fans of Blu-ray, that was meant as a joke.

Ok then this is nice we have the ol’ upload a screenshot without having to convert to a .JNG.

Thank god.

As a thanks, I’ll probably upload to imgur a bit more.

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