Can we talk about the epidemic of 25R on the Training Server at LAX

Typically only 24R is used for landings (on the North Side of the airport). Occasionally both though. It’s just annoying though, even Expert Server. I understand how it allows flow, but not entirely, because you have to wait at every runway for aircraft taking off or landing. It’s more efficient even with high traffic to use 25L for landing, 25R for takeoff and 24L for takeoff while using 24R for landings.
Edit: the first part is a response to you, the rest is for the thread. Just realized I replied all to you, sorry 😂

Note: 25R is the most used at KLAX followed by 25L, 24L, and 24R

Yes! And @Trio another problem. everyone spawns on the 25 side, including SWA’s 😂

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They may not know either.

Landing 24R & 25L and departing 25R and 24L?

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People are allowed to spawn where they want. There are plenty of other beautiful airports out there too.