Can we talk about the epidemic of 25R on the Training Server at LAX

yea, but it sucks cause there’s usually none, or very little traffic at LAX

true, but this is LAX, with the famous 24R by the In n out that most people should know about

Honestly, this should NOT be an excuse for pilots (especially in TS or ES) to not attempt realism.

There are plenty of resources you can utilize like FR24, FlightAware, and others to help with this!

Look I don’t, I never fly there. I prefer to fly to more exotic places so I really have no clue about LAX and most airports in the USA

yep. I just wish there was some way to get the message out to everyone, as LAX is probably the 1st or 2nd busiest airports in IF

and nice. what places have you flown too?

Another reason why LAX isn’t used on expert much is cos it’s kinda ‘Clishe’

😂 (this writing is for characters)

I like to fly a bit in NZ and Asia, and in Africa quite a bit because flying there is sick


nice! (this writing is for characters)

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aren’t 25R used for takeoff though irl? 25L landing and 24s landing?


i frequently control LAX on TS and know the 25R “epidemic”

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ES users usually go to IFATC featured location (other than me), and IFATC doesn’t really open at LAX often

yes, but people use 25R for landing on TS as well! and no one even goes to the 24 side!

People love 25R because that’s where everyone goes so that’s where they want to go, it’s like if you see something cool and then say. “Oh, I want to do that”. Unfortunately over time it has developed into something like a bad habit, because the TS has no schedule the controlled airports are all over the globe! While there is unfortunately nothing you can do, you can spread awareness. If you taxied to another runway, maybe someone else would join you. You get a ripple effect. If you want a much more organized experience I invite you to fly on the Expert Sever skies. Change can be done, it’s hard, but spreading your ideas and what you want to change can help you tell other people, “taxi to a different runway” or maybe you can tell someone to taxi to a less busier runway. If they don’t that’s ok, it’s Training server after all. If you would like to control and have people listen I would take a look at the pinned topics in #atc.

Thanks, Sasha


true. They actually have IFATC in Africa pretty frequently

when i control there are decent amount on 24s, i usually control at LAX 0100Z or later. You might see my name on tower

yup. I just want to find a way to spread the word, but it would be hard. And I would wanna do the same with EGLL

Yeah and that’s really cool, as not many people fly there often.

This is a high for flying in Africa without IFATC

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It’s just the most convenient runway to use for where the majority of the people that spawn. Nothing wrong with using the runway really.