Can we talk about the epidemic of 25R on the Training Server at LAX

The epidemic of 25R that needs to stop

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Can you elaborate a little more? Both the title and description are not detailed enough for us to help you out. Are you referring to the amount of people that use 25R?


what u mean

It’s the longest runway. And it’s kinda tradition for overuse of 25R.


Sadly because this is Training Server, it is out of our control. I am sorry that you experienced this. There are just a lot of pilots that are supposed to be “learning” on training server but they are not. :)


What I mean is that like almost EVERYONE uses 25R, for takeoff AND landing. And if ATC tries to tell them to land 24R or something, then they wouldn’t listen

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Normal training server…


That’s training server for you.


Yea, I remember when training server, was like today’s expert server. And when everyone used to fly KNUC to KLAX 😂


I go plane spotting at LAX pretty frequently, and I have never seen a plane land at 25R or 24L, unless it’s undergoing maintenance

They’re departure runways.

I mean, unless 24R/25L is under maintenance

Alright, folks. Before the thread is spammed with comments saying “Nothing can be done”, “That’s Training Server for you”, or “That’s not what those runways are used for”, let’s end the conversation.

To the OP and all others, I am with you that it isn’t right for people to disobey ATC and use 25R if they’re not cleared to land, however this has always been a problem with both TS and KLAX. Hence the name, TS is for people who are supposedly “training” and people tend to enjoy the high traffic volume at airports such as KLAX. I am sure a majority of us have experienced sometime like this and it’s simply something we must get used to.


Yup. That’s correct, and that’s why i’m going to use ES more.


I just wanted to talk with ppl about this, and if they feel the same way i do about this. So thnx, for talking about this with me and cya

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Anytime! Again, sorry you experienced this. Have a good one :)

u too . (this writing is for characters)

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right after I stop being ATC

This is why you only fly on Expert! 😉

While I always strive for realism, not everyone knows about each airport and what runways they use.