Can we please get Approach and Tower at OMDB

The airspace is insanely busy! We need approach ASAP. Thanks IFATC for your hardwork, we NEED you now. DXB/OMDB.

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In progress

We are volunteers


As soon as I post tower becomes active…

Hi, remember that we are just volunteers. To open a frequency officers need to make a plan for know how to controll it.
And for a tower controllers maybe it become uncontrolable. Just wait for volunteers. :)


And yes your radar controller is opening very shortly

Edit: fully staffed now

We try our best to make the controller switching process as seamless as possible, but most tower controllers will not open the hub unless they have an approach controller assisting them due to the fact that it is unbelievably hard to be tower when 40+ aircraft are calling in at once, hopefully you can understand where I’m coming from.


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