Can we not reconnect to the live server anymore?

Device: iPad pro (3rd gen)
Operating system: iPadOS 16.4

I have been flying from JAX to LAX and was disconnected from the live server with the message UserDisconectee. I did not receive any violations and i can still see where ATC is but weather is unavailable. I have connection and can usually reconnect? Anyone know why or if this is related to the new update?


This is intended behaviour. If your app is left running in the background for a minute or so, it should re-connect but if the app is left running in the background for longer then the app will not let you reconnect. This is to avoid causing disruption to the follow of traffic as mentioned in Cameron’s reply regarding a similar situation linked below. I recommend taking a read of Cameron’s reply for more information regarding the situation you’re experiencing:

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Take care!

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