Can we make L35 a towered airport? It would be fantastic to control

L35 (Big Bear) is probably the best airport in SoCal, but it can’t be controlled by ATC. Any chance to make it available as a towered airport? It has a challenging and complicated approach and is close to other major airports, so I’d expect a lot of traffic. Thanks!


Isnt controlled in real life so, I say NO.


Alternatively, you can use Zello and control on the Free Flight Server.


Too bad i probably guess the chances are Zero

Would be good but realism is highest on the list of factors.

In a way Big Bear would make for a great commercial airport, but that’s unlikely it would ever happen so no.

This would be great for us in Big Bear, but if there’s no tower IRL there’s nothing we can do

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Well, there’s no Approach controller on KNUC either, yet we have that in the game.

I just love L35 so much, best airport in the game, beautiful approach, very hard to land the right way (the chart requires you to approach at 10 degrees towards runway, then turn to final 0.5nm before threshold).


Man I love L35 a lot too (I created a VA located on L35) I hope that they add ATC there, a little traffic can do no harm

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