Can We Have Unlimited Likes?

Hey. Just asking, can we have unlimited likes? I’m tired of running out of likes lol and everybody always runs out of likes. And plus there is nothing wrong with liking it’s actually good. Sorry if this is a not needed topic.

The chances are that if you are running out of likes, you’re liking something that might not deserve a like. I don’t recall “running out of likes” myself.


If everyone had unlimited likes it would diminish the value of a like and defeat the purpose.


If likes are unlimited, they become devalued. Same thing with votes, if you can throw them out willy nilly, then they have no value.


Use your likes for what it is worth. Like a post that holds a meaning and a purpose, that way, you’ll know you have liked what is contributing to the community most.

Spare them, and use them conservatively on what matters the most. Not because you like the user, bot because his/her post has a lot of likes already or because they are of a higher TL and therefore they must know, No, but instead like what helps the community and directs a thread and topic in the right direct with concrete information :)


No, you cannot. Admins can change the figure as a multiplier. So for example TL3 gets x1.50they would have to change it to x999999999999 so you never run out. However, this defeats meaning of likes. You are meant to like post ls that are cool 😎


Like farming could be an issue too.

Closing this before it starts to repeat itself.