Can we have a new splash screen?

Anyone else think its about time the splash screen was updated? In case you didnt know the splashscreen is the loading screen that appears with the 787’s on it while IF loads

We have had the current splash screen since im guessing about august, seeing something new like the c130 as the splash screen would be great…

Shameless plug to my idea from a while back… Splashscreen (In app loading screen) screenshot submissions


To be honest, the splash screen is there for about 10 seconds during loading. Not a big deal at all. Although, a new one would be nice. :D


I don’t really think a new splash screen is necessary. But, it would be nice to see a new one if they get a chance. :-)


Imagine if the splash screen rotated daily out of a larger collection of images!


I’ll bet we’ll have a new one when Global is released. The current image will no longer work as the graphics will have changed !!


For sure, But surely it cant take more than 5 minutes to change lol, Not like its going to take a day out of development haha but I see ya point

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The devs still need to take the photo, add information to the photo, implement it into their code, and then roll an update out. Maybe they could do it without a “physical” update, but I’m not too sure ;)

Regulars, please leave the post alone… No reason to have it in feature requests… Its not something thats going to get voted on to change the splash screen one time is it, Please think about it…


Yes please! @ewanfleming, next time make sure not to move topics like this to #features. You really don’t need to create a feature request for a splash screen, as it isn’t necessarily a “feature.” We don’t need the Features category clogged up with non-feature requests like this one. Yes, it is a request, but not a feature request.


Sorry - I just thought that he is requesting something to be implemented, so I thought it should go there

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Please change the catagory to #features please, and we might get a new one with global…

They can change it whenever. It’s just a matter of getting around to doing it.


We don’t need to have this in the #features category. The developers changes the new splash screen randomly. Yes, I want to see a new splash screen because the current one is boring. Also, this is probably the first splash screen to be kept in the sim for more than 3 months. The older splash screens gets changed every month if I remember correctly.


I have an idea. They can have a daily rotation showing the best pics in the IFC

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Would be nice yes. Think it may have slipped their minds considering they’ve got more important stuff on right now 😉


It’s really only something you look at for a few seconds until you’re ready to fly. I think the devs will get to it eventually.

Yes I get sick of looking at the same thing.


Maybe they will implement this when the DC-10/MD-11 update comes out. Or maybe when they have the global comes out. We definitely need a new splashscreen.

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A nice splash screen with views of Global would be nice :)

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As stated above, it’s a request, not a feature request that’ll just clog the #features category up.

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