Can we get the IFC Names for the USAF C17 to add a Y

The call sign for the C17 in the US Airforce has changed over the years, any while BEEF is the connected name of this aircraft, the call signs have for many years been appended with a Y. BEEFY. Is there any way that IF could take a look and see if they would be willing to change this on the IF Airline area in the USAF section. For all of us C17 drivers, it would be much appreciated. Regards.

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You could’ve done this before the 20.2 update came out. It was an option but I don’t think that they will bring it back

I don’t think all understood the level of detail needed when they put out 20.2 But I understand your point. Seems to me that this is such a small change it would be easy to accomplish. But thanks for replying.

maybe @Cameron can do something?

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Thanks, its almost like looking at it as a typo. Just add the Y. Primo, Viper, Deuce, Hawk, Eagle, Jackpot, etc. all pretty accurate, lets go ahead and make Beefy the right C17 Call Sign.

While Cameron is one of those responsible for adding callsigns, he has requested, multiple times, not to be tagged for items of this regard.

@Bobby_Burg, if you could please create a #features request with an explanation of your desire (as stated here), I’m sure the staff team will get to it.

Have a great day!

Done, thanks for the counsel.

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For what it’s worth different bases use different call signs. It appears BEEF is assigned to the C-17s at Joint Base McQuire in Jew Jersey. The C-17s at the 911th Air For Base at Pittsburgh International fly under PITT something. I’ve seen a few from Charleston come in and they are like ROC or something like that. It’s different for every base I believe.

To be fair the C-17 in the game is a McQuire bird, so it makes sense that we would need that call sign, but it’s a bummer more generally that we have lost the ability to make a call sign for different bases after 20.2. The little text in the tail could certainly be looked over to fly for different bases imo.

Agree with you that different bases use different Call signs. McGuire for sure being one of them as part of the 305th AW. But as we limit the ability to change with 20.2, it would make sense to use the most common maybe as the standard. Thanks for your reply.

Just wanted to link your feature request here for people to vote!