Can we get rid of acrobatic maneuver warnings near tiny airports?

Can we please get rid of these acrobatic maneuver warnings near tiny airports? I just got a violation because i stalled a fighter near a tiny remote GA no one is flying at.

I get having them for large airports, but this airport doesnt have a full ICAO


If you want to go do aerobatics go do it on the Casual server


yeah, but it was literally in the middle of nowhere. and im flying with some friends

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In that case you should go do aerobatics with your friends on the casual server


If you’ve gone over your violation limit (something I didn’t know was even possible!) then I’m would say you’ve pushed your luck a bit too far 😂The restrictions are there for a reason. A lot of people on the training server ruin everyone’s realistic experience by running through busy airports in a Hornet while inverted. No need for acrobatics near airports unless you’re in an event. There’s plenty of room over the sea to do your thing 😂

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Hey there,

Rather than just pop a ‘go do it on casual server’ comment thought i’d try and give some constructive input…

Aerobatics is a really tough skill to master and manage. There is a feature request below you could vote for and also have a read through which has some good constructive discussion about it, and the complications of implementing.

For now though, its best and safer to enjoy aerobatic flights with your friends on the casual server and avoid racking up those violations

There’s also some interesting further reading here that details further safety aspects - included limits over certain areas regardless of airport size.


yeah, I hate putting airshow events on casual


I do actually feel that the aerobatics violations system would benefit from some tweaking. There have been several instances of me receiving aerobatics warnings, and even a few violations from what the system deemed to be “aerobatics”. This has occurred when flying at low level and when conducting manoeuvres at mid-low level, all because a tiny, insignificant airstrip in the middle of nowhere just happened to be in the vicinity. Similar incidents happened when performing steep max performance climbs out of air bases. All this took place during GAF missions and we’re most definitely not a troll group.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people perform unauthorised low, high speed passes over busy international hubs on the expert server, and they faced no consequences because they remained straight and level throughout, and no ATC or mods were present. Sending a replay of the incident to mods after it took place results in no action being taken.

I feel that the flying restrictions near large international airports ought to be made stricter, whilst those at minor uncontrolled airstrips or even military air bases loosened or even removed.


TFR is calling

Not gonna lie, this has got to be the IF phrase of the year. If you wanna do something that’s not allowed in the Expert server, then do it in the Casual server. Literally the reason why servers exist.

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yeah, but were not trolling, want a airshow event? its gonna be trolled (not kidding, it happens to me every time)

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I sometimes want to fly planes into terminals.
I sometimes want to fly planes into others.
I sometimes want to fly upside-down for the fun of it (somewhat relaxing actually).
So I sometimes go to the Casual server.


Probably would be more suitable to get rid of Aerobatic violations on Military bases or designated MOAS only.

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