Can we get Bluestacks Support?

Hey there Fellow Simmers I would like to know how many of you would love Bluestacks Support the reason I am pushing for this is because Imagine having IF run on your beefy Gaming PC if you can’t afford X-plane on maxed out settings AA and no FPS cap just wow But I just don’t know why there is no Support to be honest I think there would be alot more people who would love BlueStacks Support for IF Hookup your Yoke Throttle and sit back and takeoff into the sky with your VA friends just a suggestion would love to get some Feedback from the Community would you like Bluestacks Support

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IF is strictly a mobile simulator. They’re not planning to do anything with that since it’s not made for emulation at all 🙃


Sadness lol but If I am right it should not be hard just a suggestion doesn’t bother me just want to know if it would be possible

It has never been officially supported. I don’t know if a yoke works with bluestack but that’s probably your only chance.

EDIT: If you can get IF to run, you could ATC from a PC, but you can’t also play on a phone at the same time.

Yep Ok well

That would be amazing with like customization keys for different commands like t for takeoff and G for Go-Around P for Pushback but the fact that you can’t play on the Phone at the same time

If you wanna use a yoke download live flight

It would be nice, however it isn’t even on the development radar. They have so many better things to do.

You could download LiveFlight Connect, and then mirror your device to a PC.

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