Can we get an airports update?

Would it be possible to get an update that just pushes a bunch of new 3d airports?

Based on the information we have gotten from Infinite Flight, it does not seem that any major features (challenger 350, a380, etc.) are imminent. However, the airport editing tracking threads have indicated that there are many airports ready for release. It’s been a few months since the last update so a new update solely of airports would be great.


Lol this probably won’t get them to push an update. However, I have noticed that it seems like it’s been a while and they used to push airport updates more frequently. My guess is the server changes and December/January holidays have delayed some work

It might, but there also isn’t enough airports for just an airport update. I can see, EWR, ORD are still kinda being worked on still.

I know, but one can hope.

Those are totally understandable reasons for the slowing of development, I don’t even care if it takes another several months for the new planes. But that’s all the more reason for a small airports update to tide us over until a big release. (We already know work has been going on with airports and many are ready)

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This is not true. I shall let Ecoops explain below

ORD is still in progress, and EWR is waiting for release, according to respective editors and threads.


Just to add on from what Rhys was saying - you won’t be disappointed with the amount of airports ready for release; there’s plenty. :)


Almost 3 months without an answer is a strong push by Infinite flight!!!

Though I know this update is a lot larger than previous ones

There’s no doubt the editing team is going drop some absolute fire. I think the frequency of releases may have decreased a bit which is what people might be noticing. Not an issue, just an observation.

It IS what people are noticing, IF needs more product coming out coming from the customer spending 10$ on this game, which I do not mind doing, as long as updates are at the most 2 months apart which have long sailed.

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I can understand that, it isn’t easy to wait once we’ve gotten used to a routine. One thing I know about this development team after being here since 2015 is that they WILL deliver eventually. Even if it isn’t always as timely as we’d like.


Anyone know if BNE, MEL or PER will be updated? The last group of major Aussie airports yet to be 3D.

See this topic:

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Didn’t know about that before, thanks! 😅

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