Can we get a 21.1 tracking thread?

Isnt it about that time where we get a tracking thread for the next update? I don’t have twitter or Instagram so I didn’t even realize that IF posted a teaser for the A330 and the new jet smart livery on the A320 and no one on the IFC posted about it. I’ve always relied on tracking threads to find out news and teasers about the next update.


I’m sure a moderator / staff member will create one when the time is ready. At the moment, we don’t have many leaks besides a couple of liveries.

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This will be made and moderator approved once more information is given and a thread for updates and discussion is neccersary.

Thanks for understanding!

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The time will come when the time comes…

There’s very little out yet not to mention we don’t know what will be included 21.1. The A330 might not even be part of it!

Yes. We’re going to be discussing the best way to tackle the tracking thread. In the meantime, we need to continue discussing the game plan internally. As you may know, tracking threads while extremely fun and helpful, can also be a massive moderation burden. When we’ve got hundreds of people jumping on a topic it can get quite hectic very quickly. Having a game plan prior to permitting it will hopefully ease some of that craziness.

We’ll update you guys when one is permitted. 🙂