Can we fly over 350 at => 10,000 ft?

I ever seen someone can fly at very fast

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Generally with commercial aircrafts you can speed up to over 260 knots if you’re flying higher than 10000ft, but you can’t exceed 350, nor mach 0.87. For exact detailed regulations you should check the flying guide at the user guide.


You can fly over 250 kts above 10000 ft, but in your case the 350 kts is the aircraft’s speed limit, so it would differ between a Cessna, a passenger jet like your 777 and a fighter jet. If you want to go over it in live, only place you can do that without getting a violation is the casual server.

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I believe you can go fast on expert aswell so long as you don’t cause disruptions and are away from busy airspace and not in an airliner, private plane or similar (basically only fast in fighter

Little bit too fast, just a little bit HAHAHA

That’s a good idea if you like to get Level 1 violations ;)


So you would get a lvl 1 vio for going over 350 in a fighter jet even away from busy airspace and in no way causing a disruption why
I understand people being issued violations near controled airspace or for going fast near busy airports high traffic areas or bugging other users but away from others causing no issue why

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I missed this part of your message :)
No, military aircraft are exempt from air speed violations.


Had me worried for a second thought id some how been the luckiest pilot in if and dodged a bullet

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I wondering why we can’t fly over 250 at < 10,000 ft.
But in real world, it is possible to fly over 250 at <10,000 ft.

This is an A321

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The speed there is a ground speed read out and is not the same as an airspeed in this situation.


Ok :D I thought that’s airspeed.

I don’t know if you should go over 250 KTS below 10,000 IRL because if you do, that means that you will be given a warning for over speeding in the air space below 10,000 FT

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Yeah I know

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You can if you are at Casual server 😂
Or more specific you can fly any speed on Casual server

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