Can we do these yet?

Best of 2022 Pt.1

This year has been a huge year for me both in my Infinite flight career but also personal life.
There have been many highs and lows but no matter what has happened Infinite Flight has always been here for me and all you beautiful people that are part of this community ❤️

Expert server

also for staff or mods looking some may be similar to beta pics but all are taken in RTM

Westjet 1565: SAN - YYC 738

Swiss 07: ORD - ZRH A333

SNIPER 11: Baltic Air Policing based out of EEEI with GAF’s 77th FS

Jetblue 1138: AUS - BOS BSC3

Egyptair 968: CAI - BOM A333


American 3298: SEA - LAX E17L

Pt. 2 coming soon…


Those are some cool shots Skylar! I wish you a happy and prosperous new year :)

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You too 😁!!

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love your photos!

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Thank you!! Appreciate it :)

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love the photos!!

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Thank you thank you :D

Excellent photos!

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Stunning photos mate!

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Thank you

Appreciated, super happy with them !!


The Westjet pic is very similar to my Icelandair 752 pic from ages ago.


very nice, Sunirse and Sunset are just the best times to fly

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Pt.2 is up

May I use the second picture for a website?

DM me to discuss further

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