Can we do these yet? Pt.2

Best of 2022 Pt.2

This is my Pt.2 to my first 10, i had so many awesome shots and flights i couldnt fit it all in one topic. Hope you enjoy the rest of these !!

Expert server

also for staff or mods looking some may be similar to beta pics but all are taken in RTM

Cathay Pacific 603: HKG - KTM A333

Spicejet 8152: BOM - DEL B739

Croatia 381: SPU - ZAG Dash 8-Q400

FALCON 20: EBBL - DHF F-16AM - Flight of 6 towline for GAF’s 349th fighter Squadron while transiting for a deployment out to the Middle East

MOOSE 05: CHS - YQX C-17A - Forward deployed exercise for some cold and low visibility training with GAF’s 6th AS

SANDY 71: VAD - EIN HC-130J - A2A photoshoot flight over the Netherlands

N1SC PSL - EGPJ Sptifire mk.VIII

Jetstar 47: SYD - ICN B788

N1SC: QFO - QFO Spitfire mk.VIII - Battle of Britain commemorative flight

I hope that 2022 treated you all somewhat descent. Here is to another year in the books and closed.

See you all in 2023

Signing off



Loving the variety! Keep ‘em Comin! ✈️ 📸

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Thank you !! I find passion in types of flying and so never get bored of flying.
Better shots coming in 2023 for sure !! keep those eyes peeled, i dont post often

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