Can we change our names? Or will it affect our ATC status?

I was wondering if I could make my name short or use my nickname… Will changing my name affect my ability to control as ATC?

Changing your name where? If you are talking about in the forum, yes you can and no it won’t change your ability to be ATC

No in-app, like in the pilot profile… Not the callsign but the username?

Yes you can. It won’t affect your ability to be ATC.

Yes, Just click on your username when you get to the page, and you will get a bar to change it

@airbosspro :
Not trying to be rude but:

  1. I’m pretty sure that Alex knows how to change their name.
  2. You just bumped a 9 day old thread.
  3. Philippe already answered the question.

@philippe :
can you add a forum rule where if you bump old threads (obviously if a question has already been answered) you get a 1 hour reply ban or something?

Im not trying to argue, but

  1. Im new, I was just looking around and didn’t see that it was 9 days ago
  2. He said that you could change your name, he didn’t say how to though.
  3. There are going to be so many trolls around, there’s no point in trying to make sense of them.

lol no worries guys , I know how to change my name lol, I was asking if changing our display name would affect ATC authorization

Hi do you know how to change user name ? Thanks

Go to the pilot profile top right corner. Click your username and type in your desired name. (Don’t type in anything stupid).