Can we add these on specific runways that use them?

Little more explanation please?

Hello, welcome back to the community @anon58232003!

As for the question at hand, unfortunately I’m a bit ill informed on the airport editing system, but maybe @Claudio, or any other Airport Editor for that matter, could be of assistance?

I think they are asking if runway side stripes and shoulder markings can be added in infinite flight to runways that have them irl.

Hey there! At the moment, these types of markings are not currently added by us (the IFAET). I apologize for the inconvenience.


I think there are still a few old airports that have these markings. They’re not allowed now, but the rules back then were looser.


That’s not true. A ton of airports have them in real life!

Actually, not a lot of airports have those markings. Look at VHHH, ZBAA, ZSPD, OMDB, KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, RJAA, RJTT, WSSS, LFPG. All these airports are large and busy airports, and they don’t contain these markings.

Plus I don’t think IFAET accepts requests.


Standard protocol for editing runways is that we DO NOT add any markings. These are all added automatically via the IF software. We are allowed to add leading center lines onto the runways. That is all.


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