Can use IF again

I live in Cape Coral Florida…The center of Hurricane Ian passed right on top of us. I am not far from Ft.Myers Beach, just around 15 miles away.
I will not say anymore about this…but am thankful to survive this Hurricane and play IF soon.

Areas here are wiped off the map. CAT4 landfall.

I evac’d to the blue dot on the radar map here . this is the outer eye wall hitting us.

Please keep this up to think of those who persished Air rescue continues. I hope others in the IFC who live here are ok…we don’t need to make a huge discussion…just say thanks to all of us to be ok. Airports KRSW KFMY were hit. Don’t have damage assesments yet

Youtube , search hurricane Ian or Florida Hurricane if you want more info and images of catastrophic destruction. Enough said

Thank you.


Good luck in america

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Welp wish you luck my friend

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Wow, good luck. And to think you were the first one defending the #live thread to track the storm for IF flights! Stay safe.

I don’t want IFC to become a weather discussion format. We often fly in Florida as IF users around the World. I am retired now and have lived next to KRSW for 27 years. I had my CAP squadron on Page Field KFMY. I was the Sqdn. Cmdr. I have been in Air and Ground Search and Rescue for years and part of 72 hour post storm rapid response teams.

This Hurricane was a monster…and I’ve been through many here. This one will have leave it’smark in history. Thank God the airports survived because these can be used as another resource to help with recovery and supply distribution as needed and they come back to operational status.

We can update them here in the future when if needed because they still exist. Fort Myers Beach, and surrounding areas have virtually been wiped off the map. They do not exist . In any recognizable form. The Hurricane Hunter aircraft crews indicated the worse lateral turbulence and lightning they ever encountered in eye penetration missions…that says enough right there.

As I clearly stated in my OP I hope this brief reference to Ian and its magnitude can remain here in thinking of those who have perished and are severely affected by this storm. I was lucky to get to safer ground and evac. My thoughts go out to those in Cuba who like us will struggle now for many weeks to come. Help is on the way since much of the infrastructure is decimated.

thanks for taking a minute to read and think about this.


I am lucky to have survived this personally did you read my first post …

I have been in search and rescue here for decades and said i was posting this to be respectful to those who we know have persished in this storm and those effected. I did say the airports did I believe make it through this catastrophic event.

That comment is not the subject or point of my post. Maybe you should please read again.
As for disrespect…I have devoted years of my life to saving others at risk to my own more than once

So as I also anticipate on IFC somebody who is clueless and dosen’t even understand the OP. says something off the wall and out in left field.
My OP is about surviving a historical storm because I was near ground zero and wishing the best for all effected in our community.

I mentioned airports and Hurricane Hunters to add perspective. As for respect some of those lost so far could be people personally I know of since ive lived here just short of 3 decades and frequent these areas over the years…

I will not comment anymore nor respond to your cluless take on me and my home area.


I don’t know much about hurricanes coming from Australia 🇦🇺

But I wish you the best my friend!


Stay safe fellow IF friend… prayers with you. Would love to be able fly a Grand Caravan full of supplies to you

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